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Author: Marlene LaVarta
Title: Easy Impressionist Backgrounds
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Simple filters (optional)
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10 and up
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Easy Impressionist Backgrounds

Start by right clicking and saving the picture at the left.  Remember where you put it, We'll use it in a bit.  This picture is from Dover's Floral Illustrations.
Now open a new document, white background.  I used size 400 x 400 pixels.  Set your foreground color - I used #BAC2D9, and fill your document with your chosen color.  Now we need to add some noise.  Menu -> Photo->Noise->Add Noise with the settings shown at left.

The variance slider makes a huge difference in the finished product, so once you've completed this tutorial, try it again with various settings of the variance slider.

Menu->Effects->Artistic->Impressionist.  Click on the down arrow to the left of the picture and choose Add Texture.  Browse to the file you saved from above and choose it.  Change the slider settings as shown at the left and press OK.

The color variation setting makes a huge difference.  You'll want to play with the other settings, too.

And here's our finished background.  Wasn't that easy?  If you want a seamless tile, just use the Simple quick tile filter on it.

If you're doing a huge scrapbook background, try the settings on a smaller file until you get the look you want, and then use the same settings on your big scrapbook background as it takes quite some time to apply the impressionist effect on a large file.

Same settings, but with the variance slider in the add noise set at 80
Noise variance 20,

Impressionist density 3, color variation 27

I used quick tile filter on this one and used it as the background for this page.

This graphic:

Nose variance 20

Impressionist density 100, color variation 10

This graphic:

Nose variance 20

Impressionist density 29, color variation 15


  The possibilities for this are endless. 

Try making the background with the particle brush, and lowering the density in the impressionist effect. 

Try select all, convert to object, use the emphasize edges filter on the object and use a merge mode of overlay.

Try FM tile tools, blend emboss.

Come up with another cool method?  Let me know and I'll put it right here!

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful!