Color Scheme from a Picture

Crabby Graphics
Author: Marlene LaVarta
Skill Level: Intermediate
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Done with 10 - but should work for other versions.
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This tutorial will show you how to create your own color scheme from an existing picture.  For this tutorial, I'll just use one of the photo fills from PI.  You should use a picture that has colors you really like.  Open the file, duplicate, and close the original.

Down at the bottom right of the PI window, you should see this button:  .  Click on it, and choose indexed 16-color as shown on the left.

Make the choices show at left.
Now you have this really ugly picture, but that's OK, we just care about the colors.


  File menu->screen capture->setup.  Notice what your hotkey is. Click on "selected area". Click on Capture now.

Open the color panel in PI (Shift-F3).  Click the arrow shown at left. and choose color table.

I like to sort by brightness, but you may choose to leave it alone, or sort by something else.

Now, Just press your hot key to capture the screen and select just the colors as shown in the color panel.  Press OK on the color table, and then your screen capture will show up.

YAY!  Your own color scheme from a picture.

I have a folder in my Easy Palette called color schemes that I store my color schemes in.  Just right click in the easy palette, and Add current document as Thumbnail.